With the summer months in full swing, we’re excited for the longer days and warmer weather. During these tough times, it’s important to find a bit of joy, and what better way than to practice self care by giving your body a little extra glow. Body Luminizers are some of the best products when you want to achieve that summer glow or even to enhance the glow you’ve already been blessed with! That’s why we wanted to share a couple of our favorites with our readers. If you’re ready to show off that beautiful skin this summer (safely of course) keep reading for body luminizers were loving for the summer!


First up, we have our beloved Fenty Beauty Body Lava! Now, we understand the price tag of these beauties, but you have to admit, for presentation and amount of product you would get, we’d have to say its pretty much worth it! We love the smell of it and the glow it gives us when we are in the sun. As of right now, we have the Trophy Wife and Brown Sugar shades but we’ve recently had our eyes on the newest shade, Cognac Candy. It looks amazing! We love these because 1) they were created by Rihanna, 2) She is a black woman doing making sure we are represented in the beauty industry, and 3) these Body Lavas look and smell AMAZING! If you haven’t tried them yet, you can pick these up on the Fenty website.


Here at LUXHUERĒ, we’re all about supporting other black owned brands which helps to circulate the black dollar, so we had to tell you about this new body oil we’ve been loving. We found the black owned beauty brand SKNMUSE via Instagram and we fell in love with the packaging so we definitely had to test it out!

So far, we’re loving its smell and when used with our daily moisturizer, it’s very hydrating. This product and brand is definitely one you should check out, as they have other products that are beneficial to the skin. You can find this brand @sknmuse on Instagram.

KAYLUX Cosmetics

Lastly, is a body oil/ luminizer that we have our eye on and can’t wait to try. The brand KAYLUX Cosmetics has a body oil that will have your skin looking AMAZING! We’ve seen the pictures and read review and we already love it! It has natural ingredients, affordable, and black owned! Its definitely on our wish list and we can’t wait to try!

Images via kayluxcosmetics instagram page.

Do you have any favorites you’re loving at the moment? We’re always on the hunt for more to try! Thanks for reading and until next time…Always..

Live In,


Disclaimer: All images and products our own unless otherwise noted.

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