Our Story

LUXHUERĒ is more than a brand, it's a way of life that ALL who are after it, should be able to "LIVE IN".

You may notice that our name looks and sounds similar to the word luxury.  That's because it is.  LUXHUERĒ is pronounced as you would the word "luxury".  Its distinct spelling is tied to our mission, which aims to spotlight the importance of generational wealth in underrepresented communities and peoples of color (hence the "HUE" in our name) while simultaneously  providing luxe and classic apparel and living designs.

LUXHUERĒ's color palette gives way to a minimalist and modern aesthetic that can be enhanced and combined with your personal style.

All deserve to "LIVE IN" and enjoy the life of LUXHUERĒ.




Currently an Interior Architecture & Design Grad Student, Rechelle has always had a passion for uplifting her community, exploring fashion, and interior design.  Her previous background include education and clinical/mental health and she owes her academic accomplishments and strive to better the black community to God and her beloved Hampton and Howard University.  LUXHUERĒ was created to establish a new vision and idea of luxury lifestyles for African Americans and people from underrepresented communities of color.