Coffee lovers this one is for you! If you own a Keurig coffee maker, you have the power to brew a wide variety of delicious coffee types right in the comfort of your own home. Keurig machines are renowned for their convenience, consistency, and the endless selection of coffee pods that you can try for your perfect cup. In today’s post, we will be giving you 10 enticing coffee types you can easily make with your Keurig coffee maker, along with which machine is our favorite!

  1. Classic Black

You can never go wrong with a classic black coffee. Simply pop in your favorite medium or dark roast K-Cup into your Keurig, hit the brew button, and enjoy a hot, rich cup of coffee within minutes. Add cream, sugar, or enjoy it black; it’s the foundation for countless other coffee creations. Our favorite pod to pick up when we’re in the mood for a classic black is the BLK & BOLD Smoove Operator which you can find ( here )or in stores.

  1. Cappuccino

With the right K-Cups, you can create a creamy cappuccino at home. Choose a cappuccino pod, and let your Keurig brew a strong coffee base.

You can use the milk frother on your Keurig machine or add frothed milk to achieve that delightful foam. A sprinkle of cocoa or cinnamon on top adds a gourmet touch.

  1. Latte

If lattes are more your style, you’re in luck. Keurig has latte-specific pods that allow you to effortlessly make a latte. Brew a shot of espresso, and then use the attached milk frother to create a creamy, smooth latte. It’s as easy as can be!

  1. Espresso

For those seeking an extra kick, Keurig also offers espresso pods. Brew a shot of espresso and enjoy its bold, concentrated flavor. You can sip it straight, use it as a base for other coffee drinks, or even add a shot of it to your classic black coffee.

  1. Mocha

Indulge your sweet tooth with a mocha made using a Keurig machine. Brew a cup of hot chocolate or a chocolate-infused coffee pod and add frothed milk. The result is a heavenly combination of coffee and cocoa.

  1. Iced Coffee

When the weather gets warmer and even sometimes in the cooler months, iced coffee becomes a go-to beverage. Keurig offers iced coffee pods that are specially designed for brewing over ice. Add ice cubes and any desired flavorings, like vanilla or caramel syrup, for a refreshing pick-me-up.

  1. Cold Brew

For a smoother, less acidic coffee experience, your Keurig can be used to make a cold brew. Invest in cold brew K-Cups like one of our favorites here . You can also create your own by selecting a low-acid coffee pod and brewing it directly over ice. Cold brew coffee is perfect for those hot summer days and if you’re so inclined, you can enjoy in the cooler months.

  1. Chai Latte

Keurig doesn’t limit itself to just coffee. You can also brew a delicious chai latte using chai K-Cups. These pods combine the rich flavors of black tea with aromatic spices, all you have to do is add frothed milk. One of our favorites is this Vanilla Chai by the brand Bigelow. You can find it here .

  1. Herbal Tea .

If you need a caffeine-free option, Keurig’s got you covered with herbal tea pods. Enjoy a variety of soothing flavors, from chamomile to peppermint, for a cozy and comforting beverage .

  1. Hot Apple Cider

In the fall or anytime you crave a comforting, non-coffee option, consider brewing a cup of hot apple cider. Keurig offers apple cider pods that capture the essence of fresh apples and spices. It’s a delightful alternative to your usual coffee choices. You can find the one above here.


11. Hot Chocolate

If you are in need of a cozy drink you can have at any time of the day, that is a non-coffee option, definitely opt for a hot chocolate. These Keurig options are some of the classics we always reach for. available here , here , and here .


Owning a Keurig coffee maker opens up a world of coffee and beverage possibilities. From classic black coffee to exotic chai lattes and herbal teas, you can cater to your coffee cravings and those of your friends and family. With a Keurig machine, convenience and quality are at your fingertips, making it easier than ever to enjoy a diverse range of coffee types right from the comfort of your own kitchen. So, go ahead and explore these 11 delightful coffee options with your Keurig machine (don’t forget the frother ) and embark on a coffee journey that suits your every mood and moment.

As always, thanks for visiting us over here and don’t forget to enjoy your little luxuries! They are what elevate our lives.



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