How Are You Living?

Hello, and welcome to LUXHUERĒ. Thank you for joining us on this journey…

LUXHUERĒ is more than a brand, it's a way of life that ALL who are after, should be able to "LIVE IN".

LUXHUERĒ is pronounced just as you would the word ‘luxury’ (lʌkʃəri). Our mission aims to bring the importance of building wealth in underrepresented communities and people of color to the forefront of everyday life. The spelling of our name speaks directly to these aspirations while simultaneously staying true to the meaning of the word. Our name was created to invoke a sense of embodiment for all by combining a life of luxury (LUXE) to people of color (HUE), because we truly believe that those who aspire to “LIVE IN” this world, should.

LUXHUERĒ's color palette gives way to a classic and modern aesthetic through our luxe apparel and living designs that can enhance your personal style. Our minimalistic approach directly correlates to the notion that less is more, and all that aspire to “LIVE IN” are able to so long as they are after it. From accessories to apparel, LUXHUERĒ promotes eminence for all that simply aim to achieve wealth in all areas of life.

All deserve to "LIVE IN" and enjoy the life of LUXHUERĒ. Join us on this journey and be an influencer in the world that you “LIVE IN”.