In December of 2017, I had an idea: create a high quality brand for men and women while trying to establish a new vision and idea of luxury for people of color.

At its core, LUXHUERĒ’s mission is to bring importance to the concept of building wealth in underrepresented communities of color.  My personal belief is that building wealth is one of the keys to creating change in one’s community (economically, health, mentality) and for the generations to come. I want each and every individual and customer that visits our site or hears of us to feel empowered to live the life they aspire to.   To “Live In” and embody the life of LUXHUERĒ.  Our team is dedicated to designing products and providing you the tools and resources you need to change your life.

As myself and my team continue to grow and build this brand, we hope that you will envision and build the life you desire for yourself and those you hold dear to you.

I am grateful to God for trusting me with the vision for this brand to help create change in my community and soon our global society. 

With that said, I wish you love, life, health, wealth, and all that brings you joy.

With Love,

Rechelle N. Holly

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