As we have entered the holidays and end of this unique year, many of us are celebrating by treating ourselves and loved ones. One way we do this, is to come together (safely of course) and have a fun cocktail or two (remember its always a great idea to drink responsibly!) Last holiday season, we gave a list of holiday cocktails that you could make to celebrate the season. This year, were giving you options that don’t require alcohol, but still bring the festive vibes to satisfy your holiday needs.

We recently spoke to a friend and she explained how she felt left out during celebrations because she was expecting and couldn’t have a cocktail with her friends and husband. She wanted to be included yet still keep her little one safe. We suggested she try the brand Seedlip! Seedlip is dedicated to giving you the experience of a cocktail, without the alcohol. Everyone can enjoy a good time even if they decide not to drink. We love this brand (this post is not sponsored by the way) and their mission to bring everyone a good time!

SEEDLIP comes in three flavors, Garden 108, Grove 42, and Spice 94.

Take a look at SEEDLIP’s website and you’ll find ways to shop the product online and even a brochure full of recipes to fit any occasion! We are definitely excited to try some of them for the holidays! If youre interested or are inclined to give these a try, you can easily head to their website or if you have a BevMo in your area. We have to say, these are a tad pricey but the cost is understandable because the quality is amazing!

We’re looking forward to all of the recipes we are going to try this holiday season, and hope you have a chance to try them as well! As always, stay safe, live in, hold your loved ones tight and enjoy the rest of this year!

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