As we’ve observed trends and life changes people are making in their lives as a result of the pandemic, we’ve seen habits that have become apart of their daily rituals. One of these habits has been the resurgence of reading. Whether they are fiction or non fiction, people are actually putting down their electronic devices and finding other avenues for entertainment which is amazing to see!

Research has shown that reading can have a number or benefits on our mental and emotional health. These benefits can include decreasing stress, improvement in comprehension and your vocabulary, expanding your worldview and ideas, igniting your curiosity, and even preparing your for a good night’s rest.

We personally love a getting into a good book that helps us escape reality, even if for a little bit and today we are sharing a couple that are especially perfect as the temperatures outside drop and our time indoors increases. If you have been searching for a couple of good reads for the fall season, keep reading!

  1. The Other Black Girl
If you are a fan of thrillers and edge of your seat intensity, this one’s for you!

2. When No One is Watching

Another Thriller that You will not want to put down

Seven Days In June

A Love Story with a Twist

Black Cake

Black Girls Must Die Exhausted

The first in this series, you’ll definitely want to read the others

The Perfect Find

You’ll be hooked from start to finish!

In Every Mirror She’s Black

There are so many great books that we can’t wait to read and we hope this list helps you find your next favorite! Happy reading and as always, continue to LIVE IN.



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