By now we all know the importance of a good hand creme. In this age of constantly washing our hands and applying hand sanitizer, our hands are constantly in need of moisture. Add to that, we are currently entering the colder months and our skin tends to dry out quicker.

While having a moisturizer with you at all times is essential, all hand cremes are not created equal. Most moisturizers can be a quick fix but its important to have something that not only provides lasting moisture but can also improve the look and health of your hands.

The CHANEL La Crème Main (Texture Riche) is not only the elevated hand creme you need in your life, it’s claims for improving the look and feel of your hands definitely back themselves up.

With this hand creme you will get 8 hours of moisture that is fast absorbing and an immediate feeling of restoration. Can we say soft hands?! Its definitely non sticky so its great for quick touch-ups or even in the evening before bed. Over time you will see a reduction of dark spots, increased moisture retention and overall softness.

What makes this hand creme amazing? The ingredients include Iris Pallida which is known for its brightening effects, May Rose Wax which provides a protective barrier for moisture retention, Glycerin and Shea Butter which we know of their amazing benefits. Not only will you be getting an indulging experience but the ingredients are top tier.

This ultimate form of self care will definitely get you through these cold weather months and will become a staple in your beauty routine. Not to mention, it looks so chic every time you pull it out of your handbag to use it.

We hope you have the chance to try this and or pick it up just in time for the holidays. This would even make a great gift for the beauty lovers in your life.



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