Fall is here and all around us we are seeing and feeling the coziness of what this season brings. Personally, fall is our favorite season for all that it brings. Whether that is the warmth of fall inspired drinks, fall fashion, comfort food, or getting comfortable on the sofa for a movie night. There are so many ways we can have that feeling and if you are not quite feeling that, well we are here to give you 10 ways to instantly make your space more cozy for the fall season.

If you’ve been struggling to bring that warm and cozy feeling to your living space, we are going to give you 10 ways you can instantly change that. So, grab your coffee or tea and keep reading!


Sometime we do not want to use direct overhead lighting (think from your ceiling fan or can lights in the living room and bedroom) but you bring a feeling of warmth to your space through the use of lamps because they are often time softer and less harsh. Which bring in that feeling of warmth and coziness.


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Scents can be an immediate way to spark a memory or feeling and this is definitely true for the fall season. Think of when you smell your favorite fall scented candle or your favorite fall inspired coffee. These scents just bring you to a place of comfort that you definitely want to bring into your living space. Scents we can’t wait to get our hands on are Jackie Aina’s candle collection or Maison Margeila’s Replica (p.s the scent By The Fireplace is so fitting).


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When we hear the word texture, especially when it comes to our living spaces, we think of items that invoke your sense of touch. This can be implemented through the use of throw blankets, pillows, fuzzy slippers, rugs, and decor (which we’ll definitely talk about later). One of our favorite places to find these items are Home Goods, Target, TJ Maxx, Crate and Barrel, and Amazon.


Sherwin William’s 2023 Color of the Year REDEND is a great option for bringing in the autumnal energy to your space.

One of the most obvious signs of the coming of the fall season is the change in colors we see in nature. Whenever we see the transition of leaves on the trees from the vibrant greens to the warm reds, yellows and oranges, we instantly feel the essence of all fall has to offer. You can instantly bring this feeling into your home through the use of pops of warm colors like browns, neutrals, terracotta tones, and even playing with different wood tones. One color we are excited about is Sherwin Williams color of the year for 2023, which definitely gives us a cozy fall vibe, but also can be used year round, to give your space a a welcoming feel.


Bringing plants into your space can instantly raise the comfort level of your living space. Your choice of plants will depend on your personal lifestyle, but adding a touch of greenery can always give your space a feeling of peace, which is always what we desire for our living spaces. Our favorites, which also are great beginner plant parents include fiddle leaf, snake plants, palms, and monsteras.


Everyone loves and has special taste in music but we personally can’t get enough of music that brings peace and calm to our souls. In our opinion, you can’t go wrong with jazz or soft r&b playing while you relax on the sofa with a glass of wine or a warm beverage. Some of our favorites include Sade, Anita Baker, John Coltrane, Billie Holiday, and Miles Davis.


Home decor can be very personal for each individual, but our advice when wanting to bring in a warm and inviting aesthetic would be to add texture, tones, and pops of color. Texture can be brought in whether it is softer (think of a textured pillow or throw blanket) or through wood accents such as a book end on your book shelf or item on your coffee table. You can bring in varying tones such as warm neutrals, creams, terracotta and even some greens and blues. The Sherwin Williams color of the Year for 2023 called REDEND POINT, definitely gives us a cozy fall vibe, but also can be used year round, to give your space a a welcoming feel.


Having a living space that is clean and well kept is key in being comfortable. Now, were not saying your space has to be spotless, but not having to worry about sitting in an unkept environment lends to bringing you calm and inviting energy.


In this day when it seems like electronics and tech are the stars of the show, its nice and even comforting to see books in a person’s living space. Books hold so much a give us a sense of comfort when it can seem like many things around us are going at full speed. It feels good to curl up on the sofa or i bed with a good book while sipping coffee or your favorite beverage. Books allow us to slow down and escape or even relax before bed. Books can also be used as decor or conversation starters when placed correctly throughout your living space.


Yes, we know as when the fall season comes around, it brings the cooler weather and while inside we want that warm and cozy feeling, but one thing that is great for your living space is to open a window and let in some fresh air. Even if you open your window for 5-10 minutes, trust us, the fresh air can do wonders for not only your mood, but your home’s atmosphere.

And there you have it, ten ways you can instantly make your living space more cozy this fall season! Hope you enjoyed and as always continue to LIVE IN Your LUXHUERĒ.



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